What are the benefits of plasma cleaning?

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  Plasma cleaning can effectively remove organic pollutants and clean the surface for subsequent treatment by introducing chemical functional groups. So what are the benefits of plasma cleaning using the plasma cleaning machine of seismograph shares? Can quickly and easily adjust the surface chemical properties, without the use of dangerous wet chemicals, this type of equipment has a good cleaning effect for large curved 3D cover plate, 3D protection sheet, 3D vehicular glass and 2D, 2.5D and glass products requiring secondary deplating repair. It mainly relies on the activation of corona active particles in plasma to remove stains on the surface of objects.

What are the benefits of plasma cleaning?

  The plasma cleaning removes organic contaminants by chemical reaction (O 2 or air plasma) or physical ablation (Ar plasma). Plasma cleaning also introduces different chemical functional groups (hydroxyl, carbonyl, carboxyl, amine) to the surface of the material, depending on the process gas.

  Plasma makes most surfaces hydrophilic, which can be observed by reducing the water contact Angle and increasing wettability. Clean and hydrophilic surfaces are often essential to promote adhesion and enhance adhesion to other surfaces. In addition, plasmas can be used to disinfect and remove microbial contaminants from surfaces, which is beneficial for biomedical and biomaterial research applications.

  Seismometer plasma cleaning machine can help your products in the process of production to achieve better surface cleaning and activation, to choose the seismometer plasma cleaning machine, please look for the "seismometer".

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