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    Views:207 Writer:ZHENYI Date:2021-11-12

      1. Purpose of after-sales service

      Zhenyi measures and regulates the behavior of employees with the values of "dedication, collaboration, and innovation", is committed to service innovation and fulfillment of service promises, and strives to provide after-sales service that exceeds customer expectations.

      2. After-sales service system

      Zhenyi has a complete after-sales service system, and the company has a technical support center to provide strong technical support for the company's services and related products. The technical support center has a group of outstanding professional and technical personnel, providing 5*10 hours service mode after-sales service support, which can not only provide fast and convenient support for the implementation of the entire service project in time, but also provide long-term free technical consultations for customers, etc. service. Based on the principle of customer first and abiding by promises, China Star Ventures promises to answer users' questions within 24 hours. It is Zhenyi's pursuit to provide users with high-quality, efficient and professional after-sales service.

      3. After-sales service content

      3.1 After-sales service acceptance

      Customers can contact the engineers of Seismograph Technical Support Center and submit questions through the following methods (Table 1). Including: hotline, fax, e-mail and website online submission. After receiving the problem, the technical support engineer of Seismic immediately logged the problem into the "Customer Problem Tracking and Handling Form" and proceeded with the preliminary treatment of the problem. If it is a technical problem, the technical support center will provide further support. If it is a product problem, it will be submitted to the development department for processing. If it is a project implementation problem, it will be submitted to the project execution department for processing.

      After-sales service contact form 1


      3.2 Telephone support

      Telephone support refers to customers who encounter difficult problems or abnormal equipment conditions when using Seismograph products (including service products). They seek technical support and help from Seismograph through telephone, fax, email or online declaration. Seismograph is in After confirming the customer's service request, technicians will be arranged to help the customer find the problem by telephone within the specified time (ie response time), and propose a solution, and finally guide the customer to solve the problem.

      3.3 On-site support

      On-site support means that when a customer encounters a difficult problem or an abnormal state of the equipment when using seismograph products (including service products), if it cannot be resolved through telephone support, after the two parties have negotiated and determined that it needs to be resolved on site, the seismograph The instrument will send engineers to the site to analyze the cause of the failure and finally solve the problem.

      • After the on-site problem is solved, the seismograph engineer should submit a detailed written analysis report of the problem to the user.

      • In response to major issues, according to the distance between the fault site and the ShenZhen Zhenyi Headquarters, different journey times to the site are promised. For different distances, see the journey time (Table 2).

      Timetable for handling major on-site issues 2


      3.4 On-site customer return visit service

      In order to strengthen the communication between Seismograph and customers, and to further improve the quality of services and related products provided by Seismograph, Seismograph will arrange personnel to conduct regular and irregular customer visits and exchanges, actively collect and sort out the issues that customers care about, and submit them Relevant departments resolve.

      3.5 Technical data sharing

      Technical data sharing means that users can grasp the latest network maintenance experience and skills in time through Seismo's online site or through paper documents, emails, disks, and CDs issued by Seismo, and understand some preventive measures for the equipment they maintain , Get the latest product knowledge, etc.

      4. After-sales service guarantee measures

      There is a quality management department in Zhenyi, which has a very complete quality management system, which can ensure that all the company's businesses are carried out in accordance with the process with quality and quantity. The company has on-site survey, system planning and design, installation supervision, installation and commissioning, integrated cutover, engineering system optimization, project daily control, project residual problem handling, project completion, project summary, network evaluation/maintenance/optimization, training and development, and customer satisfaction Standardized and scientific standard operating procedures (SOP) and quality control procedures (QCP) such as degree management, customer care, after-sales customer service, etc., and regularly carry out quality education activities centered on customer satisfaction. Therefore, the quality of after-sales service will also be fully guaranteed.