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Helped the reconstruction of Tongxi Primary School in Yunkou Town, Yueyang County

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  The reconstruction project of Tongxi Primary School in Yunkou Town, Yueyang County was completed. It is understood that the total investment of the project is 8 million yuan, of which more than 5 million yuan was raised by the Guangdong Dongguan Zhanneng LP53 team. Tongxi Elementary School has a history of 40 years and has fallen into disrepair over the years. The original office building has become a Class D dilapidated building, resulting in a shortage of office space for the school. The ZhanNeng LP53 team decided to assist in the construction of the school after an on-site inspection.


  The volunteer team learned about the situation of the elementary school, Guangdong Zhenyi Co., Ltd. resolutely reached out to help, perhaps only one of the many donors, but it is precisely because there are thousands of companies or individuals who have the original intention of giving back to the society like us. Unity, a Hope Primary School was successfully rebuilt on August 27, 2017.



  The newly completed 4 red and white buildings of Tongxi Primary School in Yueyang County are dotted with green mountains and green waters. They are a teaching building with 12 classrooms, a science and education building with complete functional rooms, a teacher's dormitory with 20 standard small suites, and spacious students. canteen. Imagining the cheers of the children when they see the new classroom, we feel more at ease.

  Thanks to the 53 volunteers of the Guangdong Dongguan Zhanneng LP53 team for letting us know about this situation and allowing us to contribute our modest efforts.

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